Optics & Photonics Focus

Optics & Photonics Focus (OPFocus) is an independent magazine reviewing important recent developments in the fields of optics and photonics. OPFocus' goal is to feature cutting edge research and to make it accessible to a wide range of readers, while preserving the accuracy of the information delivered. For this reason, all OPFocus stories are written by scientists actively working in the field. In this way, OPFocus provides an interesting review for fellow scientists and fascinating insights for laymen and journalists.

Selection of Featured Articles

In order to ensure the scientific quality of its articles, OPFocus only features articles that have been accepted or published by a recognized, peer-reviewed journal. The editorial team will select the work based on scientific importance, appeal for a wide public, and possible technological implications.

Readers, and in particulars authors, are welcome to submit suggestions for upcoming features to the editors [editors@opfocus.org], who will carefully evaluate all suggestions and decide if a feature article is appropriate. Please include the following information in your email:

1) article reference and electronic copy of article.

2) summary explaining the main idea of the article and its relevance.

3) possibly one or a few image files. Preferred formats are jpeg/jpg and gif.

4) contact information.

Please, submit your article to editors@opfocus.org.